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ISBN 9780578018447, Copyright D Donovan (Standard Copyright License), Edition Second Edition, Publisher D Donovan, Published June 7, 2009, Language English, Pages 260, Binding Perfect-bound Paperback, Interior Ink Black & white, Weight 0.99 lbs., Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall

Finding Your Way Home

You can find your way home today! Inside the covers of these pages, you will find the path that can lead you there. At a Destiny Retreat, participants explore how they are creating their lives and by following them through this journey, you too will see that you are creating your destiny with every thought you are having, every emotion and every action you take. The message of this professional and spiritual work is that we are all connected as one with an ability to become integrated with our inner soul where our intentions become aligned with our higher purpose in life.

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Finding Your Way Home (copyright 1996) is a guided meditation by Cheryl Cornelius and Diane Donovan-Vaughn., Voice: Cheryl Cornelius, Music written and preformed by Rick Daugherty, Engineered and mixed with the help of Robbie Hamilton at Digital Insight, Vocals recorded by Toto Zara at Midi Works, Acoustic guitar: Rick Moore

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D. Donovan
D. DonovanAuthor
D Donovan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, trained in many forms of healing including as a Shaman and an ordained Spiritual Peace Minister. This training focuses on holistic multidimensional healing encompassing the inner core or soul of the person. D Donovan created and facilitates Destiny Retreats, Being Peace and Angel Training seminars based on the understanding that healing occurs from within the heart that will lead you to the connection you have with the divine.

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