Spiritual Peace Minister

“Being part of Destiny has been the most powerful turning point in my life.”
“Having a rather busy life that includes being a mother and working three jobs, facilitating destiny has added a deep spiritual dimension to my life.
“Sometimes we define our life in terms of the roles we play. Destiny defines the meaning or purpose to my life. It continuously gives me a feeling of peacefulness and an expanded state of love that emanates from my heart and spills out to include all of humanity.”
When you hear me at Destiny and your eyes are closed, I am sending you my heart through my voice and I am sending you the peace I have found.?
Cheryl Cornelius jokes that she doesn’t know why she is with Destiny. It is where the path has led her and she keeps devoting her time and energy holding her special angelic energy for others! Everyone says that Cheryl is an angel! She is the co-writer of Finding Your Way Home and the voice on the CD!  She is also an excellent marriage and family therapist, substance abuse counselor, social worker, counselor College of Southern Nevada and former co-star of Shrink Rap, a live television show.

1969 -2007

David was a founding member of Destiny Retreats. He had a long history of motivational speaking. He co-wrote one of the most beautiful meditations preformed at Destiny Retreats, Remember Love.

Diane Donovan
Author, MFT, LADC, Spiritual Peace Minister

Wouldn’t you love to find that connection you have to the rest of creation?
“When I started out in the work of becoming a marriage and family therapist in 1985, I was looking for the deeper layers of reality. As humans we get so caught up in our ordinary way of looking at the life around us. Our minds are picking and choosing according to our programming only those parts of what we will or won’t see.
“How limiting the mind can be! I never dreamed back then that I would find a connection to a greater reality, one in which it seems everything around me is communicating. In fact, I might have thought it sounded a little crazy if someone had told me about meeting the head shaman of the Inca nation and learning the ways of seeing energy.
“Whether you are interested in personal expansion of consciousness or to attain more skills for relaxation and peace of mind for yourself or your own healing practice with others, Destiny can provide you information through the experiential journey of our retreat.
“Beyond the wealth of knowledge you can acquire with this experience, you may just find that you make contact with the greater reality beyond the filters of the mind and somewhere among the stars of unlimited personal creativity.”