Sermon By Diane Donovan 4/28/2018

Tomorrow is the full moon. Use the energy of a full moon to remember who and what you really are, to manifest your life in alignment with the rest of the universe. Let go of anger and greed, while embracing unconditional love. Ask yourself, “What do I need to let go of in my life in order to feel the unconditional love that resides within?” (

“Here is a channeled message from my heart to yours- By Tannaz

“You my friend once made a wish, a wish for life, a wish for fun, a wish to feel the Sun. It was this wish that brought you here, it was this wish that you requested that leads you to this place. Remember that, remember why you chose it. Remember that you had an idea, and a good one at that! You had a reason for coming here, a reason only you know. It was the reason that you chose. And even though you didn’t know how it would be done, or what adventures would greet you on the way, you knew that it would all work out, and you knew you would say- “Wow I am so glad I did that, I am so glad I tried. Earth is a tricky place but gee, what I ride. I made it through that journey and that maze, I made it through and I am amazed, how through so many trials and so much horror, there is still good in the world and love for one another. People love and they love well, even if it seems like sometimes Earth is hell, there is always love if you just look. There is always joy even in the darkest nook. I wish I had reminded myself to seek it more often, I wish I had known how simple it was to just open my eyes and see, the whole world was always smiling back at me.”

Your task here is to remember what you are forgetting, your repeating patterns of lack, greed, anger and fear. To remember what you keep forgetting takes real persistence. Even if you post a sign in every room in your house, very quickly that sign will just be part of your forgetfulness and you will not longer see the words.

Have you ever wondered why we do not remember before we were born and why we do not notice the repetition we are living here? When my son Bryan was about four years old, he told me the story of his life before he was born. According to him, “they” take your memory away but he did not tell me who “they” are although he did say that he was talking with Jesus as the rest of us, his brother, sister and I lay sleeping. He said he wanted to keep some of his memory, so he brought some of the knowledge with him to remember, which is the small story he told of how this life is our dream that we are having while we are asleep in heaven.

Waking up has many levels obviously. You can wake up to your lessons here on earth, in the dream, which would be like you are lucidly dreaming in heaven. If we are here on earth learning lessons for our soul in our dream, then becoming aware of the lessons would give us a boost on our way. However, if we could stop doing the lesson before learning the lesson perhaps the whole goal of our life would be defeated. Maybe we forget long enough to finally learn what we want to learn.

Unfortunately when we do keep forgetting over and over, not noticing our own limitations and repeating lessons then we can also get stuck and mired in our own deficits, despair and addictions.   We have many reasons for this forgetfulness. Our issues can perpetuate it. Our own cognitive problems or both can cause it. Our brains often get very forgetful when we are stressed out, when we overuse and overwork our brain and body and of course as we age it takes longer and longer for the body to create brain chemicals that we use daily. Our repeating issues then become harder and harder to notice.

Mindfulness allows us to notice the patterns and the deficits in our system. You can begin to notice that you are making more mistakes or forgetting more often. When this happens, it is a good idea, especially if as you age to have checkups at the doctor, an evaluation by a specialist in the brain and aging. Instead of wondering why it is harder and harder to remember and keep up, get experts to look at what you are doing to yourself. Are you the love of your life? Are you taking advantage of the best medical advice you can get? Do you make time for sleep, for eating healthy, for gentle loving exercise, for love?   The brain and memory require our self-love and self-care. We benefit most from giving love to the world.

Instead of beating yourself up for not being up to par on some subject or activity, remember to cultivate an “I don’t know” attitude that allows you to seek the expertise of professionals to help you sort through your own problems. Remember you usually cannot solve your own mental issues with the brain that creates them. Especially when the brain struggles, you need help.

I remember so vividly when I lost someone I loved because of his inability to cognitively function in life. I mistakenly thought he needed therapy. He was making more and irrational emotional choices, getting physically hurt, losing his job, being forgetful and unable to do simple tasks, becoming disabled, emotionally upset and spending all his retirement money in less than a year, money he had worked so hard to save for years and years. Finally, I discovered much too late that he was not getting blood flow to his brain. For those of us doing therapy and looking for psychological reasons for issues, these very real physical aging events can be overlooked. If his blood flow issues had been properly treated earlier it might have helped improve the quality of his life. You could have a physical problem causing your forgetfulness along with the amnesia we all seem to have.

A friend of mine use to say, “I have to go to AA every day because I forget every 24 hours.” Wow! When she said it, I got it. I forget as well. Over and over I forget that I do not control life. Over and over, I forget that I am an infinite being, learning lessons and will go on forever.

Think about what you forget? I forget that I am the love of my life. I have forgotten that love is so much better than fear. I forget that fear is not going to help me and that happiness is right now. I forget that my brain is lying to me and engage in its fantasies of past and future scenarios. I forget that I am connected to all that is and again I forget that the only goal I have is to be truly helpful. I forget that giving love is blissful.

Perhaps the whole secret of ascension is just to remember what we keep forgetting. Love is all there is. The dream disputes this truth and shows us fear. Remember even though the dream is very convincing, it is a dream. In dream interpretation we teach people to turn and look at the fearful event in the dream. The dragon that chases you will dissolve when you face it.

If you just really look at what you fear, you will find that it really is an illusion that will dissolve like smoke when it is not fed by the fear in your own mind. Choosing love creates more love. Choosing fear creates more fear. Now, if we can just remember!

Today’s compassion lesson and practice from <em>A Year of Living with more Compassion – 52 Quotes and Weekly Compassion Practices </em>(Edited by Richard Fields) Selection 39 (pp. 118-119) is selected and written by Richard Fields. He chose this quote: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Alcoholics Anonymous, “The Serenity Prayer”.

Let’s practice one more time:

Take a deep relaxing breath. Place your attention on the center of your heart and breathe into your heart center. Allow yourself to meld into your heart center and become one with the love that dwells inside you. Rest in the sacred heart space and ask your heart to wake you up every time you fall asleep. Ask your heart to remind you who and what you are every time you begin to forget again. Ask your heart to whisper the word, “Remember” over and over as you go throughout your day. As you inhale, inhale love. As you exhale release fear from your mind and body. Listen to the advice your heart has for you about where to go, who to see, how to help and especially how to be the love your life. Inhale love. Exhale fear. Remember love. Namaste.