by Diane Donovan-Vaughn

Love & Light Blog 1/5/2019

Wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. Notice the feelings, the thoughts, and the sensations.  These are the clues to life will go.  These thoughts, sensations and feelings are creating destiny. They steer day and night. Destiny is created in each moment like this first one in the morning.

For example my first thought when I wake up is often: “Oh! I have to get up!” in a whiney voice in the head. Just stop right there and allow that feeling, notice the unhappiness and definitely send some love.  Suppression of feelings will not help.  Feeling the angst for a minute allows the underlying beliefs to surface.  Basically as a life-long agoraphobic, avoider of newness and energy, I am bummed out that I feel forced to encounter the world. It might be called the mountain I have been climbing many days of my life.

The beliefs are many and they are creating the results in life. Watch the energy in the room as you hear these examples of negative beliefs: “The world is out to get me. The universe is not on my side. God is punishing me. Everything is so negative in the world.  It is hard to make money.  It is impossible to find good men, good women, good people. I need to fix myself to be lovable. I am not good enough.  You have to work hard to survive. You have to leave the house to be able to make money. You need to be very careful all the time and always check and check everything and everywhere.  Life is hard. ”  Absolutely none of these beliefs are true but as long as a negative belief is underneath one’s feelings, then they are creating that drop in energy in the room and the mood for the day.

Not only are these internal beliefs guiding our vision but they also draw into our life the confirmation of the belief.  Many others in the world have these negative, low vibrational energy beliefs making it even more difficult to hold the focus on the life you really want to have. It is a feedback loop and you have the key to get out of it. 

Did you notice how the energy drops when I just repeat a few lines of negativity?  Not only can it be challenging to notice energy, negativity is accepted as normal or being realistic as it is continually reflected back from the world. The key is just this: energy is being reflected back to the one who believes it, the one who projects it upon the world. Reflect exactly what you want to receive.

Let us begin again today! Take a deep breath and imagine the life you really want to live.  Look at all the goodness that already exists in life. Every word, every drop of attention can be aimed in the direction of love and goodwill toward you and the world. 

When life emotionally triggers, it takes time to regroup. Negative feelings and obsessions start.  For example, when the Jeep dealership gave me extremely disappointing repair news about my Jeep, I wanted to start yelling a few powerful swear words.  I ask myself one simple question, “Diane what are you afraid of?”  For each person anger has an underlying fear and that fear feels real.   I bought a new Jeep a few years ago so that I would have a dependable automobile. Being able to escape is one way I manage my many fears. Managing fear is not exactly letting them go. After about twelve hours of feeling triggered, turning down many swear words and looking at fear, I finally determined to speak to the service Rep with love and goodwill, explaining my disappointment that my 2014 Jeep with 23,000 miles on it is already an undependable clunker.  Let me back up because right before I said those words, I held a vision of the life I want to live, one where the universe is benevolent.  Reality switched so rapidly that it was like being on a game show and the correct button was pushed.  He backpedaled, said my Jeep is not a clunker and got $2500 of repairs covered.  No matter how many times I see reality bend this way, a miracle occur, I am always in awe.

A miracle will always happen just by changing focus. The universe is always reflecting what it is receiving. Creating destiny means paying attention to what is being creating all the time, being grateful for what is lining up with the life you say you want and looking inside to find out how inner beliefs and outer expressions are blocking the life we are meant to live.

Today, January 5, 2019 as we create and burn intentions, use the energy of the solar eclipse of the new moon that acts as a sword to cut away the blocks to living the life of your dreams! Think of the universe as offering you a machete to remove the jungle of beliefs, words and energy that keep you from manifesting your mission in life.  Even if it takes twelve hours to get there, vow to reflect love and goodwill and receive the miracles of love and goodwill.

My mission is to inspire as many people in the world as possible to choose love as the underlying belief, as the basis for the words uttered and the energy offered to the world.  The miracle will happen to this earth and all of us when we can choose love moment by moment in all situations no matter how tempting it is to be afraid.  Remember, it is not your initial reaction or your programmed past that has to control your destiny because your destiny is not fear.  Your destiny is love.  Just acknowledge your angst or fear and move your attention to love and goodwill. Then, the world will give love and goodwill right back to you.

Today the daily meditation from Living a Life of Awareness – Meditations on the TOLTEC Path by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is titled “Keeping Knowledge in Perspective” page 21.  Ruiz offers another way to manage beliefs in today’s lesson.

Ruiz said, “Knowledge serves an important purpose in the Dream of the Planet. It allows us to communicate with one another from a place of shared experience. It also allows us to go beyond our physical limits and use technology to live more comfortable lives.

“Without awareness, knowledge can take over the mind. Everything that comes into your field of awareness could be constantly labeled and translated based on past experience. Knowledge also enables domestication, a system of reward and punishment that offers your own self-acceptance and the acceptance of others in exchange for conformity.

“This is why the question “Are you using knowledge, or is knowledge using you?” is so important. You are primary, and knowledge is secondary. Is your mind so overrun by what you know that you have forgotten this central piece?”

Ruiz practice: “With awareness today, remember that knowledge exists only because you do. While knowledge can change, the presence that you are does not change. Remembering this helps you from becoming stuck in your beliefs.”

Let’s practice:

Take a deep relaxing breath.  Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.  As you breathe in, notice the breath is your life force.  Allow that life force to permeate all the cells and atoms in your body, scouring away all toxins and darkness, bringing you energy, healing and a positive focus.  As you exhale, release heavy energy and relax.  Imagine your life the way you would love for it to be.  If you are facing a problem, imagine that problem being handled by angels in ways that you might have trouble even imagining.  Surrender your life to a benevolent universe that shows you the way. Imagine your life filled with love and goodwill. Ah! Now you have the power to take all the love and goodwill in your heart and send it into the world.  As you send love and goodwill into the world, imagine the world full of love and goodwill where you are blessed to live. Take a breath and make it so.