Love & Light Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 6/8/2019

Happiness and abundance often seem illusive or difficult to attain. In fact the world often looks like it is difficult to navigate, negative and as if constant diligence is required to find satisfaction. A big part of the difficulty is created by the mind focusing excessively on what is wrong instead of what is right but even that focus is skewed by beliefs in separation and excluding the oneness of reality.

Remember that the mind and body are not real. The prisons that seem to be so real are not locked and in fact are illusions.  Look at the body. It is a creation of the way the mind separates a huge field of energy into separate parts.  The body is energy, not a separate entity from the energy field of the universe that one could call God. In other words, God is everything. The world that is seen and head are all the illusions of separation the mind creates.  Just because the mind believes in separation cannot in any way change the underlying nature of the universe or God.  Yes, one can believe in the illusions, live in the illusions and die in the illusions but the underlying truth never changes. 

The ability of the mind to create, live and die in illusions is amazing but often quite unsatisfying. Illusions are like a dog chasing its own tail.  Continuously seeking satisfaction actually keeps the seeker blind to God.

The body is energy. The mind is energy. This separate appearing energy is part of an enormous immortal energy that if it has a beginning and end is so huge that the mind cannot fathom the time it exists.  This energy, God or Universe is benevolent, which is obvious if for one second the mind would quit projecting human qualities onto God or the energy field of oneness. Think about it for a minute. If the body and mind are God or a field of energy, then why wouldn’t one trust the energy?  Humans do not trust the energy because they do not trust themselves, projecting that it is out to get them or judge them. That would be like saying that you are out to harm yourself.

Ultimately, the acceptance of yourself as a flowing part of the greater energy field would cure all the problems in the world because one would never harm the energy because the energy is you. One would never fear God if one realizes they are God or the Universe. Brotherhood is simply a step away, a realization of the fact that the ego or mind and body are not real but simple energy connected to all other energy in the universe.

Listening to the mind often reveals that it is obsessed with how to satisfy the mind and body.  It is obsessed with survival and abundance but paradoxically the mind and body stay in perpetual lack and dissatisfaction trying to satisfy it.  The lack creates the lack.

The energy field that is you, that is the Universe or God contains everything and everyone. It contains no lack because of course it is everything.  Again, paradoxically, when one surrenders to the Oneness, flows into being an energy greater than itself ensures the care of the mind and body automatically.  This care is handled with a Godly finesses of abundance never seen in the struggle of being a poor little separate human.

How can one find this flow of energy? The answer is intention and attention.  Intentionally placing attention on the Oneness or God, not as some separate judgmental energy but as the benevolent life force that is all of us, will unleash a tidal wave of abundance and joy, peace and love.  Practice and focus on Reality.  Every time, angst or lack arises, move the focus to God, surrendering to the benevolent energy that is everything.

Here is a recap: Believing in separation is an illusion.  There is no separation, just the appearance of separation.  One is not separate from the Universe that is full of everything and everyone existing as energy. Practice focusing on God and flowing in the energy will meet all mind and body needs, even ones that haven’t happened yet. 

Finally, an obstacle to embracing and surrendering to God is a belief in good and evil or two powers. There is only one energy and one power and it is benevolent.  God is benevolent, loving. The belief in evil blocks this awareness but does not change the nature of Reality.  Let go of the ego’s need to judge the world.  Turn complete focus on God, on love and on oneness. Surrender to being happy, fearless and filled with love.  Embrace God, embrace good, and become everything.

Today’s selection from Living a Life of Awareness – Meditations on the TOLTEC Path by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is titled “Taking Off the Mask” on page 48.

Ruiz says, “As adults, we still have the ability to play and make believe as we did when we were children — that is, we still have the ability to create a mask based on our knowledge of how to engage one another in a particular setting. But as adults, the mask becomes a way to adapt socially and relate to a group with whom we are interacting, and that we have forgotten that it’s just a mask. We think the mask is us!”

                                    —The Five Levels of Attachment

“For many of us, our attachments to beliefs — both our own and others’—manifests as a mask we don’t realize we can take off. This mask prevents us from interacting with others and the world in a healthy way, and it forces us to make decisions based not on what we really want, but on what our beliefs dictate. As we release these attachments our reality changes, since we are no longer chained to our beliefs. We are then free to create the lives we truly want by making new agreements that align with our Authentic Self.”

Ruiz Practice: “With awareness, notice the beliefs to which you have become attached, realizing that you can discard those that no longer serve you.”

Let’s close with a practice:

Close (or half close) your eyes.  Take a deep relaxing breath, in through the nose, pause and out through the mouth longer than you inhaled.  Take several of these breaths in through the nose, pausing and then slowly exhaling through the mouth.  Move your attention to the center of your chest, observing your self. Watch your mind and body for a few seconds. Notice how much your identity is defined by your mind and body. Now, expand your view to notice the body parts and neurons making up your body and mind.  Then notice the cells and atoms making up the body parts and neurons.  Expand your consciousness again to the energetic level of what you believe is you and notice that your energy is part of an immense, immortal, infinite expanse of energy that is filled with love, peace and goodwill toward itself, known as you.  Remember you are God and God is on your side because you are not separate from that.  Breathe in light, love, peace and goodwill.  Exhale light, love, peace and goodwill.  Surrender to God and allow all your mind and body needs to be met by the only one who loves you. There is only one. Namaste