Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 8/25/2018

Some of us believe that heaven on earth is coming in the future or possible and some will say with a shake of the head that it is impossible to have heaven on earth with all the problems, greed, and selfishness on earth. In other words the battle between good and evil makes it impossible to have heaven on earth.

Every time I write a blog or look at the voices in my head, I turn my focus to miracles. If you study the Science of the Mind, The Secret, A Course in Miracles or any number of positive thinking books or scriptures that I have read, they all say that you can create the life you want by changing your thinking and feelings to believe that what you want is already possible. In other words you appear to create a miracle. This practice works and you can create many miracles in your life.

Perfection begins to enter when we try to create these miracles and even when we succeed but pain still occurs. The problem with this idea of creating miracles always lies in the mind and its belief in our own lack. In other words, in the beginning, we create outcomes that we think will cure our angst and our creations never create heaven on earth. They are filled with our desire to correct pain rather than the ability to flow with life. As soon as pain or loss returns, the voices in the head tell us negative statements such as we are not good enough, that we have failed in some way or that the universe or God is not on our side. Our angst can give us amnesia again as we forget that the mind is stuck.

The absolutely best book title I have ever seen is the one that said, You Cannot Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought. After you read the title, you don’t need the book. You just need practice. One of the main reasons for the groups, retreats, training, and ceremonies that I am hosting here is to practice focusing our attention to reveal Heaven on earth – the age of miracles. To have this ongoing practice is my mission to hold this focus for you and me and the world.

Every day we wake up with a bit of amnesia about our power to create life. This power feels especially weak when find us embroiled in some kind of problem, illness, loss or personal hell that may appear that moment. With mindfulness, we learn to move from moment to moment, allowing the incremental changes that are occurring to become more and more apparent rather than allowing the brain to become stuck in the traumatic moment, repeating it over and over to us. Mindfulness practices alone can decrease or prevent Post Traumatic Stress.   Stress fully felt and experienced, as it moves from the worst to no longer being present is the path of hope. It gives our life more meaning to be present and experiencing life.

Last week, we had stress at our house. The dogs had problematic Vet visits. Zeus, our rescue dog had to have teeth pulled during his dental procedure. He came home crying with stomach problems. Ellis had his own hell with his yearly visit experiencing lethargy and pain. As my son and I suffered with our dogs, I said to him. “Remember Bryan, the dogs are getting better minute by minute and this night is most likely only one night of a few moments of despair that are passing as time passes.” Remembering that everything is passing can bring you relief. As you exhale and let the pain pass, heaven on earth returns.

Heaven on earth is right here and right now. It occurs in the space between your breaths. It is the space between your thoughts. Thoughts about our life can create more hell for us than the discomforts that occur. The age of miracles occurs the minute you refocus your thoughts to heaven on earth, to healing, to abundance, to a world of peace and love.

Peace is occurring all the time. It is even happening when we are having problems. The moment you stop your thoughts about pain and refocus on the miracle, a miracle occurs.

I will give you a small example of big miracle in my life. When my daughter was about nine months old, she had constant asthma attacks. She would actually spend a few days in the hospital under an oxygen tent for several days each month until she was three years old. It felt hopeless to me. My life felt pretty awful. I was terrified and depressed and life was hard for me. However, I had already studied many scriptures and positive thinking books at twenty-two years of age. After about two years of this hell, I woke up from my amnesia and said to the universe, “Look God, we need a miracle. I believe a better solution exists for this problem.”   Within days of my request, I got a referral for new pediatric allergist who not only told me how to remove all the allergens from the house but also was willing to try a new medication with a three year old even though he didn’t know if she could manage taking the medication. Within days, our hospital agony was gone. She had no asthma again for years and never the way it had been. These kind of hellish situations feel like they last forever but we really do forget that nothing lasts forever.

Remember in the darkest hour, how helpful was it for me to be a victim for two years? In the most painful moment, it is most helpful to turn to the light, to allow the light to bring comfort and miracles into the darkest night.

How helpful would it be for me to persecute God or myself for my problems? You really cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought. You can feel your painful emotions but deny your negative thinking and already you are on the path of miracles.

Peace on most our days is just a focus away. Most of the time, our days are filled with the mundane moments that we do not notice in our amnesia state. Peace exists in these moments, peace and gratitude for the moment we could enjoy if only we can wake up and notice that these moments are sublime. Practice peace and gratitude in the mundane so that when the painful moments occur, you have a great well of peace of gratitude to draw your miracle from. When life is giving you a gift, you will remember that this moment too will pass and joy will fill your soul. Remember the age of miracles – heaven on earth is already here as soon as you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Today is our first of the daily meditations from Living a Life of Awareness – Meditations on the TOLTEC Path by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. (page 3).

Ruiz said, “My father said to me, ‘Miguel, when you understand that you are perfect just the way you are, you will see that everything is perfect just the way it is.’

“But it’s not easy to just wake up one day, say you’re perfect, and actually believe it. Making such a dramatic change in perspective requires desire and commitment. First, you leave behind any false ideals of perfection: You release your attachment of what you believe it means to be the perfect you, and you stop judging yourself for not meeting your own expectations, accepting yourself for who you are at this very moment. You begin by learning to love yourself and giving gratitude every morning for being alive.

“(Ruiz) Practice: Stop whatever you doing right now and take this moment to love and honor yourself. You are perfect just the way you are, because you are alive in this moment.”

Let’s practice one more time. Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath slowly inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Relax more and more with each exhale. Place your awareness on your thoughts for a moment. What are the repeating thoughts and voices in your brain saying to you throughout your day?   Notice if your thoughts have judgments of others, or of yourself.

Now, place your attention on your body. How does your body feel throughout the day? What does your mind say about your body and its aches, pains, perfections, imperfections and tension? If you have any pain or illness, ask that pain or illness, “What do you want from me?” Listen for the answer, which could be a very quiet peaceful voice inside you.

Now place your attention inside the center of your heart, inside your true self as you find the place where you are connected to all that is. Find the prevailing peace and love that exists inside your own center. Now rest inside heaven on earth, the age of miracles inside your true self. Ask for the best miracle to handle your challenges with your thoughts and with your body. Listen, as you inhale through this center of your being and as you exhale, allow peace and love to forgive every tortured place inside your mind and body. One more time, inhale light through the center of your being and exhale the miracles into your world.