Love & Light Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn

God is love, which means you are love. If so, then, what is evil and what it karma? First of all, evil starts with a belief, a belief that something exists other than love. For example, if one believes in lack, one could believe that the lack can be solved by taking what one needs from someone else. The punishment that happens is not meted out by God but in fact is contained within the act. Stealing a car creates the punishment. Sometimes, it takes a few stolen cars for karma to catch up but it will eventually catch up because lack has been released and it will return to the sender. Punishment is contained in the belief in lack or the sin of being disconnected from the awareness of God. This awareness removes lack and prevents sin and punishment.

However intensely one believes in lack, however often karma and punishment are experienced, the true nature of God is not changed. God is not a punisher. God is love. God is abundance because God is everything, you, me, the dog, the air, the stars, the moon and all of it. This universal energy or God is everything and knows no lack.

Humans have the freewill to create illusions of lack and no matter how painful and convincing these illusions appear to be, they are still illusions blocking the sights and sounds of an infinite immortal universe sometimes known as God.

The limitations of the human to seeing and hearing God are the mind and and the body. The body appears to be separate and mind expects to see separation. Whatever the mind expects to see or hear is what will happen unless one can learn to suspend the expectation. For example, when the mind looks for cars, the mind misses a bike. When the mind thinks it is hard to make money or that it lacks money, then money is hard to make or is absent. When the mind thinks no good men or women exist, it can only see proof of this belief. The cure is to practice suspending your beliefs of knowing something so that God can be seen and heard. In other words move your focus to God and listening rather than imposing a will.

In fact, it can be quite a chore to suspend beliefs, which is why practices to suspend them are helpful. The mind will rarely ever suspend its beliefs on its own. On rare occasions, when one is in a dark night of the soul, pain and despair can open the consciousness and an awareness of the immense oneness floods into consciousness, opening the eyes and the ears. And yet, even then the human mind can fall back to sleep, hypnotized by the ego’s version of lack and evil.

Fortunately, mirrors abound in this earthly dimension. They appear as friends, family and lovers. They appear as illnesses and problems. The mirror of this experience works perfectly to reflect back exactly what is being given out. To facilitate spiritual awareness and realization, practice giving love, first to yourself and then remembering that you are everyone. The love you withhold from yourself is the love withheld from the world. Karma or the mirror ensures your lack of self love will get reflected back you, which are the painful consequences.

Surrendering to God and focusing on love creates complete abundance and joy. But don’t practice love simply to be abundantly joyful. Practice love because love is real and everything else is an illusion or lie.

Remember that every pain, illness, grief, disappointment, negative feeling are disconnections to the Oneness. My mother would say to me, “ Can’t you just practice moderation, Diane?” My answer was always the same, “No, I don’t think so.” If only she and I had known that the real practice is love because love is the only true way to find balance. I have lost count of how many times, I have turned to the oneness to find a magical appearing loving solution to bring balance back to life.

Maybe one day, with practice we will all be able to stay awake and life will be loving and effortless all the time and heaven will appear where it has always been, right here and right now.

The selection today from Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz JR. is titled “Understanding Symbols” on page 50.

Ruiz said, “Words are symbols and they make communicating with one another very helpful. But we attach emotions and meanings to words that are unique to us; we may have a slightly different interpretation or perception of a word, or the meaning could be entirely different from one person to the next.

“A simple example of this is the word ‘red.’ There can be subtle attachments to this word, both good and bad. At school red markups to your work could mean you answered a question incorrectly. If a business operates “in the red” that means it’s losing money. A bull charges when it sees red. Roses are red, and it’s the color most associated with love. In the 1950’s it was an insult in most circles in the United States to call someone a ‘red.’ Today, it is the color of the Republican Party; we might say, ‘That’s a red state.’

“The color red is a simple example. But what about words such as ‘death,’ ‘divorce,’ love,’ ‘God,’ ‘enlightenment,’ or ‘freedom?’ When communicating with one another, words can trigger certain emotional responses that are quite unintentional. That’s why my dad teaches, ‘I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what you hear.’

The Ruiz practice: “When you are speaking with someone, you’re sharing a line of communication. But depending on your own point of view, you might be intending to say something different from what the other person hears. Be cognizant of words as symbols, and notice any emotional attachments you may have to certain words. This reminds you not to manufacture stories and also to not take things personally.”

Practice: Take several deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Relax more and more with each long exhale, sighing and listening to your breath.  Place your attention on the center of your chest. Observe your mind and body.  If you have any thoughts or desires, let them gently float away and out of awareness as you place your attention on the place inside you that is connected to all that is. For a few minutes, silently listen to the oneness or God, finding the peace and love that already exists inside you, inside God. Listen. If thoughts or desires return, just gently allow them to float out of awareness and return to peace and love inside you, inside God. (silence for a couple of minutes)

Take another deep breath and remember to continue listening to God as you go into the world, taking peace and love everywhere you go and with everything you say.  Namaste