by Diane Donovan-Vaughn Sermon 8/19/2017

Here we are in August 2017, a Lion’s gate, five planets in retrograde, two eclipses, one a total eclipse of the sun across the United States, and people dying because of hate, which is really an expression of fear. Astrologers warn us to slow down and the technology helps us move slowly by requiring multiple attempts at every task. Anger, irritation and exhaustion seem to accompany this month’s energy. Maybe it is just coincidental that every single person who entered my office last week complained of profound exhaustion if they could even manage to keep their appointment. I too had exhaustion as well. Then, add the apocalyptic predictions and nuclear warmongering promoting global fear and the hell is set.

I listened to clients explain to me how to survive the bomb and marveled at my utter lack of fear. What a change this reaction is over a lifetime from fear of everything to a pervasive feeling of peace even when frustration arises! “But you don’t understand,” she said, “I have special information that others do not have about the imminent danger we are in!” No, she was not delusional. And no, fear will not help one iota if a nuclear bomb falls on Las Vegas.

Fear is promoted everywhere you look. When I first started my mission on Facebook to share the beautiful posts I am privileged to receive from peace ministers, authors and healers all over the world, my goal was and is to offer an alternative to fear, to promote peace, love, compassion, prosperity and oneness. As I scroll through these many posts, right along side them are still those little blips of fear-laden news articles. Love and fear are side by side.

Fear and anger are really just manifestations of our own survival systems, designed to keep this body alive. It can be used against us but I think most of the time, fear is simply contagious. Neal Donald Walsch said to James Twyman one day, that if you are the Buddha and do not need this body, you will not even need your next breath. Need and its cousin greed are in fact the most powerful promoters of fear, profoundly expressed as hate and anger. Think and feel how liberating it is to give up need, to accept that you do not control everything and do not even really know what you truly need. What would the soul need but to remember that you are one with everything already? Remember.

Right after the survival hormones pump, the brain gets involved justifying, categorizing and judging the source of our angst. The reason to keep moving your attention back to the mirror or yourself is that you are the center of your reality. The reason you are in your current space is because you chose it. Look around at your life to see what you are creating based on everything you have experienced up this point. If you think that you had no control as in childhood abuse, you may be forgetting to look at the control you did have, which is what your own system did with its experiences. For example the motion sickness problem I have in the car. Yes, I may have an over active inner ear nerve. Yes, my parents loaded me in the back seat and went for long drives on the weekend for their pleasure. However, I can add my own stubborn nature and resistance to easily find my contribution to the bleak experience I had that most likely caused or intensified the carsick illness. Starting today, awaken to your contribution toward your so-called problems. Attempting to control the uncontrollable creates more pain and suffering, often more than existed in the beginning.

Looking at others can show you what you have chosen, maybe chosen before you arrived on the planet. We magnetize experiences and people into our field of awareness and exclude everything else. We make many mistakes as a child about who our parents are and what they are doing and continue believing these lies and projecting them on the present. Making others responsible for our choices will be misdirected to say the least, but this does not stop the brain from believing something exists outside yourself that causes you a problem. In fact, when you change the way you construct reality, people often leave or enter your life like a magic trick of smoke and mirrors. Make a drastic change in your beliefs and your whole outside reality will alter. Perhaps, one of the biggest fears of all is that if you change, you will lose someone. You cannot lose anyone because we are all one. You can really only change your focus. Why would we continue to focus on abandonment, abuse, power struggles and the like just to maintain that focus on a particular person or event? The answer will be fear. Let go of fear. It is not keeping you safe by maintaining fearful illusions.

One final note about the hate I see in the world this month is that for the first time ever, I now see that love is more abundant than hate. If one hundred people show up for hate, thousands show up for love. Like my client said the other day, “Whatever you and your people are doing is working!” Focusing on love is working. Our challenge is to move from fear to love with ease and without judgment of own magnificent survival system. Begin now and practice looking at the world through God’s eyes, sending love to everyone and everything. Love will take over your focus and make your life what it has always meant to be, a life of connection and oneness.

The Compassion Lesson for today is Chapter Eight in A year of Living with more Compassion – 52 Quotes and Weekly Compassion Practices (Edited by Richard Fields).

Let’s practice one more time. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Imagine a beautiful light flowing through you like a river of white light washing away your tension and heavy energy. Wash away your focus on fear in whatever form it may take such as anger, anxiety, irritation, terror, control, judgment, obsession, conflicts with others, despair, hopelessness or whatever controlling thoughts, emotions and feelings lurk beneath your beliefs. Feel and see the light taking away fear and reconnecting you to love. Exhale. Let go of need and imagine that you already have everything because you are everything. Exhale. Relax and send the love you find out to everyone and everything in the universe. Inhale. Immediately, you are filled again with the love you send out. Exhale. You are the wave of love you wish to receive. Namaste.