By Diane Donovan-Vaughn

2018- Happy New Year

All the intentions we set this year can be laid on a foundation of inner peace. Without inner peace, how can anything we manifest be fulfilling? A Course in Miracles says, “The ego seeks but never finds.”  The simple solution to all your seeking is to quit looking outside your own heart.

Surrendering to the Oneness, to a power greater than our own limited voices in the head will create the life we want. The voice of the Universe is whispering very quietly all the time. Listen!

Unless we can look in the mirror and declare “I am the love of my life” we will be unable to create love in the world. Unless we can hold our focus on inner peace, we shall never have peace in the world.

Intentions  of self love and inner peace require a redirection over and over from the thoughts, both our own and the world’s that encourage us to beleive in hate, greed, lack, enemies, and a general sense of unworthiness or even an exaggerated sense of omnipotence. We are not separate, alone, better or less than. We are connected.

Let go and surrender to the mystery that is your life. Wrap your arms around yourself and receive love. Release the hell of fear.  Choose to return to inner peace and love again and again, the peace that supasses all understanding, dwelling inside your own true self.

Send the peace and love that you find inside to the world and let us enter the age of miricles – heaven on earth.

Once again, I offer my intention for 2018:

Let us proclaim 2018 as the year peace prevails on earth, the year the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine joined in equality, respect, and love to create heaven on earth. Namaste