Are you hard on yourself or others? Take it easy! Humans are burdened with a survival system designed to endure in a jungle. We are programmed by our life experiences and our brain incessantly talks to us about our experiences, especially the ones that pump our survival hormones.

Remember that you do not need a real threat to pump these chemicals. You can have road rage with your shopping cart at the store. If someone bumps into you, it helps if they diffuse the situation with an apology. If not, the mind may struggle to let it go.

The reason it can be so hard to remain peaceful is not your weakness. It is your strength to survive. It is your mental programming and instincts that pull you into war.

To return to peace, to remember love takes practice. The brain requires you to practice over and over to form new neural pathways based on peace and love. To deal with your awesome survival system, a simple practice of identifying the truth of the present moment will allow you to back out of your reactions.

For years as I practiced reducing my anxiety, fear and anger, I would ask myself, “Where is the snake,” to remind myself that all these chemicals are bit over the top for most of the moments I encounter. When I finally meet the real snake, which has happened twice, I am perfectly safe.

Inhale deeply though the nose. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Take it easy and practice backing out of your survival instincts and programming. If you are safe, tell the mind talk to STOP! Breathe slowly, relaxing every muscle in your body. Skip the conversations in your mind as you return to the present moment in peace and love. Focus on an outcome, a result that is the highest and best outcome for you and the world, a solution with its foundation based on love. Fear blocks your view. Love expands it.
Take it easy and find a miracle waiting for you right now.

Destiny Retreat 35 will take place June 23-25,2017 in Sedona. Let me know if you want to attend. We still have few spots available.