Love & Light Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 4/13/2019

What is reality and how is the ego’s reality a prison?  From the moment life begins, the prison is under construction. It could be that even before conception, the soul started the construction of its prison on earth by choosing lessons like certain family systems, geography, genes and more. The prison can also be called the game of life. In utero, the brain’s pathways and body’s health are being constructed by its parents and its world.

As soon as the infant enters the world the construction of its prison commences in earnest as the world around it either meets or does not meet its needs. This prison might be more accurately imagined as a web rather than steel bars, a web of connections in the brain.

As reality begins to coalesce around the attention of the observer, the web is strengthened and strengthened, creating repeating and repeating events like being trapped in a whirlpool of self-created realities – the prison or the game. The sights and sounds of these self-created realities are very convincing that this reality is just the way it is in the world. Shamans sometimes call this prison a filter though which the outside world is seen and heard.

,In youth, humans are busy logging events constantly creating a personal reality or game. They test it and question it.  For example, when I was little, I observed my mother’s workaholic reality and my lonely reality of staying with babysitters as I jealously observe my friend’s spending more time with their nonworking mothers. In fact, I eventually learn to enjoy the company of my friend’s mothers more than my own because they are always there for me. I learn not to trust her over and over creating an aloof distance between us like a chasm. When asked about her prison or workaholic game, she explains how she is basically locked inside an inescapable prison or game. It is funny, but children often do not believe the game is real and it was during that time that I decided to play a different game of not working when I grow up. In other words, I selected an alternate painful game path. Fortunately, I have had the privilege of being able to change this path over and over. Why?  I remember the game is a choice.

However, amnesia still overtakes me and most people all the time. Even though I confronted my mother, she does not know her prison is not locked or that humans can create many realities. Our issue with each other becomes unfinished business for me about relationships with women, a game or prison of mine.

Every belief, every unfinished event from childhood, every repeating feeling manifested can be observed as the web or walls of the prison or the rules of the illusionary game being played in life. The mind is a very difficult place to find a door out of this game because that is the very place it gets constructed every day of our life.

,A better place to look would be in the body, the feelings and the results in life. In other words, my mother’s mind created workaholic but the results are unhappy, emotionally neglected children. The mind uses its logic of but this is the only game that works – as Mom says, “here – have some money” to deny the results. Focusing on the results often creates a painful feeling. Noticing the pain creates an alarm and the game can be altered. This pain is why it is said that hitting a bottom can create a recovery.

When the pattern is a repetition of words such as the same argument with the same person, one can change the game simply by changing the words. Then, watch the new result. Many new words are available.

What happens when observing results such as emotions, feelings, suffering and being present in the self- created game-playing is that one will begin to wake up, step outside the prison and realize there a is a field of unlimited potential outcomes. Our prison does not erase the Real world of unlimited potential that will reflect back to us every attention directed upon it. In the Art of Spiritual Peacemaking (James Twyman) Lesson Twelve, it says, “Is this what you choose now? You must have realized that you are in prison; otherwise you would have never answered the call I sent forth. And how do you feel when I tell you that the the door to your cell was never locked? You could have left at any moment, and yet your fear of what lay outside kept you from experiencing the freedom you deserve. Reach out and turn the handle and you will see for yourself. It turns easily, almost too easily. You may feel the temptation to criticize yourself for not having left before. But how could you be of service to others if you never experienced all these things. I too felt this prison, and now I look back upon you and call you forward into the Light I enjoy.”

Remember, observe the results in life like how others are reacting. Observe feelings and emotions.  Keep the mind observing instead of directing while sending love and compassion to your own suffering as you notice the games in life. Then, send love and compassion to the suffering world around you.  Tell a happy story that is happening all the time.  Practice training the mind and ego to focus longer and longer on the unlimited reality of the divine filled with love and light.  Choose to live in the light more and more as you become a beacon of happiness for the world or a bridge for others to cross to get out of prison.  Play the game with honor.

The selection for today from Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is titled “Making Heaven on Earth” on page 39.  It is interesting to note that the hell here is the prison.Ruiz said, “What is Hell?”

“By my definition, hell is believing all the negative thoughts about ourselves and others that arise in our minds. Those thoughts blind us from seeing life as it is, including our true potential and potential of others. This is the only hell I know of, and it exist within us.

“The good news is that heaven is also within us.

“The difference between heaven and hell is the difference between unconditional and conditional love. The demons depicted in my nightmares represent the stories I create about the world, and they are contingent upon conditional love. ’I will love you if you behave the way I think you should,’ or ‘I will love this situation if it goes my way,’ and, finally, ‘I will love myself if I achieve this or that.’

“By remaining open to all possibilities, and loving without conditions or restraints, we release ourselves to embrace everything as heaven. We love without any catch or hitch; and by no longer looking for the better, more perfect thing, we’ve accepted things as they truly are.

“With all of the freedom of life, I say yes to loving you and to loving me. What do you say?”

Ruiz practice: “When you love and accept everything unconditionally, including yourself, you walk out of hell. When you no longer believe in the distortion of conditional love, heaven reveals itself inside you.

“With awareness, say to yourself: Today I love life unconditionally, allowing me to see the perfection that all manifestation is in every minute. Accepting and loving myself exactly as I am in this moment is to love all God’s manifestation.”

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Breath deeply and watch your breath, extending your exhale longer than your inhale as you relax more and more. Place your attention inside your heart. Place one hand on your heart and one on your abdomen.  Relax as you say, ‘Today I love life unconditionally, allowing me to see the perfection that all manifestation is in every minute. Accepting and loving myself exactly as I am in this moment is to love all God’s manifestation.” Imagine a mirror in front of you. Say, “I am the love of my life. I deserve to be happy right now.” Smile and receive love and happiness now. Namaste.