By Diane Donovan (Sermon 07/22/2017)

The Energy of the World vs The Energy of God

As you walk through the world, unconsciously you are aware of the energy of the people and places around you. If you are Autistic or Empathic, you may become overly enmeshed with the energy you sense, even having trouble discerning the difference between your mood and the moods of others. The opposite can also be true. You can walk through the world putting out energy that triggers other people and be either oblivious to or uncaring of the way you are affecting others, maybe even justifying that it is not your problem how you affect others.

From birth, we have been sorting through all this energy around us and learning from our immediate environment various ploys at manipulating energy. These ploys have been labeled control dramas or games people play. Unfortunately, most of us were not taught that energy is unlimited and available from the Energy of the Universe or God. In fact, we are often taught that God plays the same games that humans play with energy, giving and withholding according to our abilities. If we are pretty enough or good enough or competitive enough or loud enough or bad enough we will get energy. We will get energy from this worldly reality for these types of actions.

I watched the other day as a dog trainer looked at Ellis’ biting, snarling, hyperexcited behavior when she sat down. She looked him square in the eye and said “Uh, Uh” and then as soon as he stopped wiggling and biting rewarded him. Simple behavior training can teach dogs and people to behave to get the reward. For socialization in the world, this works great but still lacks when we want to see the Real world created by God. The problem with behavior training alone is that the connection we so desperately seek is often absent. Our parents and society can teach us to comply or rebel but never to be truly satisfied. “The ego seeks but never finds” (A Course in Miracles) means that the worldly energy we are seeking is not real, is limited and never enough.

Sometimes what is blocking satisfaction and success in life is simply our own lack of understanding that energy is free. I admit it takes a bit of practice to undo all the training we have had that tells us we must connive, convince and play games to get energy. It might require therapy to even notice we are playing games with energy all the time. We do these energy games quite unconsciously most of the time and unaware that we are playing. We call this game we play reality or just being realistic. We can easily imagine that God or the Universe is causing these games to occur. After all if we are one with God, then aren’t our games one with God as well. No. A dream is just a dream. We are dreaming that energy is lacking and then making it so in the dream. As soon as you wake up to the abundance that is the universe, energy is free, unlimited, benevolent, peaceful and loving.

It is who you really are. It all you really want, connection to the divine.

The Compassion Lesson for today is Chapter Four in A year of Living with more Compassion – 52 Quotes and Weekly Compassion Practices (Edited by Richard Fields) pp.18-19.

Let’s practice: Take deep connected breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. When you inhale, imagine that your life force is expanding with energy. When you exhale, release any heavy negative energy you are storing in your mind or body. Relax. Breathe slowly. Place your attention on the center of your chest, on your true self and relax into the part of you that is one with everything. Allow all your thoughts to stop for a moment. It might be helpful to put up a stop sign. Allow all your categorizing of this room to stop for a moment as well. Now, allow yourself to become one with the energy of the universe, the Real world. As you open up to the Real world and you reunite, you realize you have never been away. It has just been a dream that the matrix of your mind was creating. Wake up and enjoy your home. Namaste.