Love and Light Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 2/16/2016

Stop a minute and think about goals and intentions. What is the hope?   Do you hope to be happy and satisfied?  What feelings are associated with the desired outcomes? Go inside and ask what it is you are really trying to accomplish. If you want to live the life of your dreams, then instead of listing all the ways of how that would look on the outside, check out the feelings you really are trying to accomplish on the inside.

For example, let’s imagine attempting to manifest more clients or customers and more money or a job making more money. Why?  What is the feeling that this goal is supposed to create?  Maybe the answer would be that money would make one feel secure, to feel safe. Now look at why you are here on earth. Is that really your mission on earth, to be safe and secure?

You might be on the wrong planet but for argument sake, check it out that right now you are safe and secure. The real goal might be to make sure that safe and secure lasts forever.

Place your attention on the center of your chest and relax.  Ask your true self or higher self, “What is my mission on earth?” Why would I come here with an amazing survival system that will always eventually fail to keep me safe and secure?

This great survival mechanism may actually be keeping us safe long enough to work on a mission here.  It keeps us going long enough to accomplish a few things before time to leave.  The survival system is working to help accomplish these tasks here and then it is no longer needed as we move on.

If the mind and the survival system could be seen as the servants for the mission here on Earth, think about how much more sense it would all make.  The first step then is to know your mission here on earth.

All paths lead to God and all paths lead to our mission on earth. It really does not matter how one travels there.  Set an intention to have more money and ways to make money will appear. This result often appears to be magical because the mind has a really hard time believing that reality is actually appearing because it focuses on something.  Erase a belief in poverty and embrace a belief in wealth so that the mind can see it.  As MSIA leader John-Roger said, “You cannot make a mistake.  You can only make choices.” He went on to explain that if you do not like the results of your choices, then make a new one.  Along the way, the option is always presenting itself to notice what you trying to learn and accomplish. The option is always available to move your focus to abundance rather than lack, peace rather than war, love rather than fear.

If hearing the heart’s direction is still difficult, do not despair. I am often recommending the book The Legend of Bagger Vance. Why?  This book, which is based on the Bhagavad Gita explains why humans are here on earth.  The Hindu scriptures are ancient and the wisdom is timeless.

Every choice, every goal, every lesson is leading the soul to the same God, to the same result. All souls are learning to give up fear, to embrace love and to engage in this reality with honor. Why is that so hard?  The answer is a willful ego belief that it is entitled to react to and match the negative energy around it. Remember the ego and the voices in the head are very literal and like a toddler getting into things that are not good for it. Treat the voices in the head and the ego like a child that needs to be lovingly shown the truth.

Some choices the ego makes produce a desired result in a very painful way and some not so painful but they all teach the same lesson of love.  Give love and love returns.  Give fear and fear returns.  This absolute law of the universe explains manifestation and lack but still the ego can refuse to believe the truth.  Floundering in fear, the ego can project its failures onto a malevolent universe instead of itself.  However, the ego can never win because it is steeped in illusions of power and reactions. The truth will always prevail because the truth is the only reality.  Everything else is merely fiction.

Once again, place your attention on the center of your being. Find the true self and ask, “What is my mission on Earth?”  Listen to the heart. Listen to the energy of the universe. The mind may chirp in but let the thoughts drift by as you listen.  The energy of the universe is talking.  Remember times when a sunset, a river, a mountain, or a beach energy has been so amazing that the mind stops and you become one with nature.   That feeling is what you can have all the time when you travel this adventure here on Earth, steeped in your mission, flowing with the energy of the universe.  On my way to work, nature is talking. In my office, energy is talking. Quit trying to control energy and become a connected flowing part of all that is, filled with love and light. Then the life of your dreams happens right now.

Today the daily meditation from Living a Life of Awareness – Meditations on the TOLTEC Path by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is titled “Harnessing Intent” on page 28.

Ruiz said, “In the Toltec tradition, we define intent as the basic energy that exists, the life force that produces everything in the universe.

“While intent is similar to what we normally call intention, it’s not quite the same, because intent is bigger than intention; it is the power behind intentions. Imagine that intent is like a wave, and intention is the surfboard on which we ride the wave.

“Although we can’t control intent, we can harness its power. That’s why our thoughts, our words, and our beliefs are so important. Our greatest gift as humans is that we are able to create – we can create great cities, works of art, fabulous literature, and, most important, a life of love and peace (or pain and suffering – it’s our choice).

“This power exists within you. When you imagine something, you have the capacity to make it so.”

Ruiz practice: “ What are you imagining today? You have the power to make it so. Next time you want something to happen that seems out of reach, imagine the wave of intent propelling you forward.  Grab a surfboard and ride. Make your imagined goal become real.”

Let’s practice one more time:  Close (or half close) your eyes. Take a deep relaxing breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Take a few deep breaths imagining breathing in love and exhaling love, relaxing into this perfect moment.  Place your attention on your heart and notice your place in the universe, this moment.  Expand your consciousness a little bit and notice the energy around you.  Note the fluctuations in the energy pattern. As you expand your energy outward, what result would you like to see? Remember the energy you give out is the energy you will get back.  No matter how hard it may be to send love to some situations, no matter how scary or troubled a situation, the only way to create the life of your dreams is to choose love.  Breathe in love. Exhale love and relax.  You got this.