• Hell Feedback Loops and Resurrection

    Hell Feedback Loops and Resurrection

    By Diane Donovan-Vaughn -  Sermon 3/31/2018 Happy Easter! The Full Blue moon is here along with Mercury Retrograde and Easter on April Fool’s Day. Dark energy has been very intense the last year and a half. We have had multiple opportunities to look at the [...]

  • Know Thyself; Know Others; There is No Other

    Know Thyself; Know Others; There is No Other

    Sermon by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 2/17/2018 Why is it so difficult to really know yourself? You might think you do and you might be right or you could be wrong. It is difficult because we live in illusions that are cultivated over a lifetime, filters that [...]

  • I Can’t

    I Can’t

    Sermon by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 02/03/2018 Of all the words our many voices in the head can say, the words ‘I can’t’ are a couple of the worst. The funny thing about those words is that when we use them they feel like the God’s truth. [...]

May Peace Prevail

By Diane Donovan-Vaughn 2018- Happy New Year All the intentions we set this year can [...]


By Diane Donovan-Vaughn Sermon 11/10/2017 Amnesia prevails with humans. Do you ever wonder why you [...]

Prayers for the World

Prayers By Diane Donovan-Vaughn Mental health is always on my mind! I am a therapist. [...]

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