• Creating Destiny

    Creating Destiny

    Sermon by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 01/06/2018 With the next Destiny Retreat coming up soon on March 1-4 combined with the beginning of 2018, it is a great time to reevaluate our creations in life. Look at your life. Look at how you feel about your creation. [...]

  • May Peace Prevail

    May Peace Prevail

    By Diane Donovan-Vaughn 2018- Happy New Year All the intentions we set this year can be laid on a foundation of inner peace. Without inner peace, how can anything we manifest be fulfilling? A Course in Miracles says, "The ego seeks but never finds."  The [...]

  • Rescuing or Kindness and Compassion

    Rescuing or Kindness and Compassion

    By Diane Donovan-Vaughn 9/30/2017 “The rescuer always gets kicked in the teeth,” said the professor in one of my counseling classes. At that time, I was consummate rescuer. Many of the symptoms of rescuer throughout my short adulthood to that point had taken a serious [...]

Love and Fear

by Diane Donovan-Vaughn Sermon 8/19/2017 Here we are in August 2017, a Lion’s gate, five [...]

The Energy of the World vs The Energy of God

By Diane Donovan (Sermon 07/22/2017) The Energy of the World vs The Energy of God [...]

Loving Others

By Diane Donovan-Vaughn 7/8/2017 The Golden Rule is found in almost every religion in some [...]

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