Love & Light Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 7/6/2019

To find God, silent meditation is the path. Meditation is observation and listening.  You can use techniques but ultimately the goal is to observe and listen or simply to have eyes to see and ears to hear.  For many years, these words have confused me for the same reason meditation can be confusing.  The mind keeps projecting a reality onto the world, continuing its explanations and desires for gratification while meditating.  Listening to the divine can be quite difficult over the loud voices in the head and the tension, pain and/or agitation in the body. However difficult it may be, observing and listening can be achieved in any condition.

The mind strips humans of divinity, the definition of unGod, creating a sense of isolation and/or a narcissistic self-concern. It hides truths of what it is doing and blocks awareness of energy games it plays with the world. Observation and asking for feedback from others can uncover these games, but the mind avoids feedback due to the humiliation that arises whenever an issue or energy game comes into awareness.  However, the only way to stop doing an unproductive energy game is to step into a fire of awareness and begin on an uncharted path.  The energy game path may be unproductive but the mind is attached to it.  Letting go of an attachment to being right, to being helpless, to being entitled, to being a victim, to fixing others, to being judgmental or critically blaming others or the world for your angst, allows an opening to restore one’s divinity. Divinity is Real and the restoration is a return to reality.  While meditating, ask for your sins or energy games to be revealed to you and then ask forgiveness for believing illusions. Ask for your illusions to be corrected.  The games are not real, but they are as long as they are still being played. Let them go and focus on the divine instead.

Observation of the mind and body is the key to discovering what the mind is creating.  The mind will be talking and choosing and creating realities.  The body will be feeling feelings, being tight or stressed or ill or relaxed.  Observing the creations that come into an energy field always gives clues about what the mind and body are up to.  For example, lack of love, lack of friendship with men or women, lack of money, lack of any kind is the mind stripping one of divinity.  For example right now and for about seven months, I have an off and on again throat problem.  It comes and goes.  I observe it, worry about it, listen to my mind talk about it, try remedies, see the doctors, but have I fully surrendered it to God? My answer would be, “half-heartedly” because I take it back and let my mind talk about it, failing to see or hear the divine.  The body is always talking and the mind is often drowning it out with explanations like blaming or fixing or both.

A meditative practice to restore sights and sounds of divinity is a moment-to-moment opportunity.  As the mind or ego and body are traversing this earthly experience, one can observe what is happening including the results of these activities while at the same time focusing on God or the Oneness. Silently connecting to God is possible all the time and will most likely require a reminder.  For example, the first time I attempted to observe the pause in my breath pattern, what happened repetitively was my mind talking to me while my body had reactions to my thoughts as if they were real.  It took a few moments to even notice that sitting in my office practicing a breath meditation was revealing divinity.  The thoughts that create the reactions are illusions.  These convincing thoughts created feelings of abandonment, anxiety and depression.  Then, the mind will usually search for a cure for the bad feeling it created and could send me on a quest to feel better. None of it is real and fortunately the pause in the breath pattern mediation, or listening to the divine stops the cycle and reveals the insanity of living in the mind full of illusionary drama or energy games. Every minute is an opportunity to focus on the divine instead of thoughts.

But what if something really bad is happening right now that is not just a troubling thought.  Remember that with this practice of focusing on God or the Divine Oneness, you will have access to the great comforter, filled with peace and love.  I am positive that if something very bad is happening right now, that having a relationship with God, being able to listen to the divine that is not separate but is right here, right now and everywhere will be superior to anything the ego has to offer. Focus on the Divine all the time to keep your eyes and ears in love.

The selection today from Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz JR. is titled “Listening to the Silence” on page 53. (another coincidence when I write this and then read the lesson)

“Ruiz said, “When the mind is not quiet when our attention feels like it is being pulled in a thousand different ways, stress and disharmony take over. At this point, we are trapped in the fog of mitote (the thousand voices that occupy the mind).  This fog obscures the reflection of love and makes us think that love is something that needs to be gained, like the elusive carrot on a stick.

“With awareness, we realize there is a deep silence that exists behind all of those voices. One way to quiet the mind is to listen to that silence. If we look at our reflection and into our eyes, we will see what lies beyond them; we will see the truth. The quieting of your mind helps you to experience this moment without distraction and keeps you in your power.”

Ruiz Practice: “Today practice quieting the mind. Take a few moments to just sit and relax. Remove yourself from all the distractions of the day and just reflect. Allow yourself to hear the silence deep within.

Practice: Take several deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Relax more and more with each long exhale, sighing and listening to your breath.  Place your attention on the center of your chest. Observe your mind and body.  If you have any thoughts or desires, let them gently float away and out of awareness as you place your attention on the place inside you that is connected to all that is. For a few minutes, silently listen to the oneness or God, finding the peace and love that already exists inside you, inside God. Listen. If thoughts or desires return, just gently allow them to float out of awareness and return to peace and love inside you, inside God.

(silence for a couple of minutes)

Take another deep breath and remember to continue listening to God as you go into the world, taking peace and love everywhere you go and with everything you say.  Namaste