Love and Light Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 8/17/2019

Is it possible to really be awake?  The correct answer may be “I don’t know” since for years I usually had a thought that I was awake unless I was in bed asleep.  I use the word ‘usually’ because other realities have always peeked in on me but my brain quickly went back to creating one reality for me, the one created by life experience filters that direct all the input and output of one particular reality, mine.

Then, expanded states of consciousness, meditation, rebirthing sessions, Cellular Theta Breathing Meditations, yoga, prayer, contemplation, therapy, personal growth, spiritual growth, synchronicities, visions, seemingly impossible manifestations, Shamanic journeys, and Mindfulness revealed other dimensions.

What are these other dimensions or alternate realities? When one is asleep, a dream often occurs.  Unless one learns to lucidly dream, the dream always seems to be real. Lucid dreaming allows one to interact with a dream and then the dream becomes much more like what is called waking reality with awareness within the dream that one is dreaming. In other words, one experiences two realities simultaneously calling one a dream and the other awake or real.

Dreams indicate that the mind is processing a conflict it has had or believes it has. For example, a person tells me a story about a child she will be raising soon, whose mother hates him because he is evil. That night I go to sleep and dream about riding in an open bus on a safari.  A tiny cheetah cub jumps into my lap and lies next to me.  A moment later, his mother jumps in and grabs the scuff of his neck to take him. I am torn. Will she kill me or take her cub or both? Remember too that this is a cheetah cub that I have no knowledge how to raise and now the conflict of the earlier story is revealed. Jumping into rescuing often results in getting torn apart.

I am aware I am dreaming and that Ellis has moved over to lie next to me. His body against mine is incorporated into the dream as the body of the cub. Being aware of both realities, I release the cub to his mom and the dream shifts and continues to shift and shift until finally I leave the dream realities and enter the waking world to write this story.

Mindfulness and other meditation practices begin to expand the consciousness and one discovers layers and layers of realities, a dream within a dream within a dream. Which one is real? The correct answer might be, “I don’t know” again since they all seem to be real until one enters another and another view of reality.

The mind or ego likes to think it has the market cornered on the definition of what is real.  In fact, the mind thinks its opinion of reality is real, giving one the sense of stability in an ever-changing world.  It attempts to avoid change and attempts to hold the world still. This desire to hold one correct world-view in place is one of the great causes of suffering in the world. 

Most of us are aware that when great change occurs, the minds of many humans rebel and attempt to stay in the current reality. This attempt is much like trying to stay asleep in the morning so that a dream will not end.  Nevertheless, morning arrives and the dream ends, until the next dream, the one that happens when you wake in the morning.

Immediately the mind starts explaining what to do, where to go, and what to see and hear as it constructs the dream of its everyday life.  Just like when asleep, the mind believes the waking dream is real, the dream the mind constructs. Stop for moment every morning and observe the mind creating the reality of the day and you will be lucidly dreaming.  At that point in time, anything and everything can be altered. The choices with lucidly dreaming either awake or asleep are infinite. How will you choose? 

The Buddhists suggests choosing right action or the middle way. Although a study would be beneficial to understand this way of choosing a reality, one can access the heart and the universe to find out which choice to make, which words to speak, which realities to create. One can ask the universe to show you what you need to change about yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally.  It can direct you toward your highest good and purpose and give you meaning. Love and peace will result. The mind has absolutely no idea what reality to pick. It just picks the one that its filters tell it to and these filters are incorrect, which is why choices often do not bring the desired happiness and satisfaction one is seeking. The mind was wrong.

Reality may in fact be more like a kaleidoscope.  When you hold it up to the light and turn it, the view keeps changing.  Every second of your life is like that when you are aware.  Sleep happens and dreams happen, either lucid or not. Daily life happens and the dream happens either lucid or not.  Then, expanded states of consciousness can happen if one desires to have them and more dreams happen.  

A dark night of the soul often takes place as soon as one realizes that the mind has been asleep when it thinks it is awake choosing a little bitty narrow filtered reality when all of reality is just waiting to be discovered. Then, confusion occurs because the stability of that little reality was comfortable. Waking up removes the false sense of comfort and opens up an ocean of potential realities. Finally, one can relax and accept the infinite and fluid nature of the universe, trusting the universe, which is trusting you.

Believing one has to make the universe happen is simply a mistake because of senses making this one reality happen.  Ponder if the senses can create a reality out of nothing or if the universe is already there and the senses are bringing one sliver of it into focus? Scientists do not know but speculate that consciousness brings reality into being but from what? The universe is simply present, which is why spending time in the silence not creating a reality will unfold peace, love and satisfaction. Allow moments to unfold as you breathe, surrendering and relaxing with change that continues infinitely.

The selection today from Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz JR. is titled “The Breath” on page 61.

Ruiz said, “Every second you are doing something that is critical to life: you breathe. Most of the time, you do this on autopilot breathing without even realizing you are breathing. But when you bring your conscious awareness to your breath, every inhale and every exhale can be a blessing to your body. Each inhale allows your environment to nurture you, and with each exhale  you nurture the environment around you. The breath is a constant flow of generosity and gratitude.”

The Ruiz practice:

“Ask yourself. “What would I like more of in my life today?

“Now restate your answer using just two words. For example maybe you want more self-love and peace in your life… or wisdom and creativity… or abundance and faith… You get the idea.

“Use these words as a mantra as you breathe consciously. Say the first word with every inhale and second word with every exhale. With awareness, notice the results of conscious breathing.”

Let’s practice a little longer.  Take a few more deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Exhale longer than you inhale as you use the two words symbolizing what you want more of in life. Say these words for ten breaths. Now as you breathe normally, enter the center of your being, the center of your chest and sit down in the silence within. If it helps, you can watch the silent pause in your breath pattern. (One minute) Take a deep breath again. As you exhale feel yourself opening up to the universe to receive what you requested a moment before.  Receive and receive and receive. Namaste.