Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 8/4/2018

What if the Universe is a Mirror?

Some people think the Universe is something out there, a separate entity like a separate God in Heaven. It might seem to be something to attain, to reach for or to deserve.

Some people believe that the Universe is where God lives and where we all live in different areas of space but that we are disconnected from the Universe like it is some big space where things are placed. In this case, God and everyone else would be completely disconnected from each other by time and space.

If you read physics, you may told that everything is connected and that nothing anywhere is disconnected, which for our limiting mind seems very hard to believe or understand. Even more confusing, what we consider to be here and there is simply a trick of the mind. For example particles can exist in all places at the same time. The mind struggles to wrap itself around these concepts.

Maybe it might help to think about thought for a second. If my daughter is in Egypt and I am here, then it is assumed we are separated from each other. However, either she or I can think about one another and the phone rings. My thoughts do not have to travel through thousands of miles of space, taking many hours to create this connection. The connection is virtually instantaneous. In fact, she can be dialing me when I think about her because I am already picking up her intention to contact me. When she and my son-in-law discuss me, their phone will ring. He will say, “That’s your mother.”

This example of instantaneous thought travel happened to me last night. My son asked me if the new landscape service looked at the palm tree and gave me an estimate. I said, “No, he hasn’t texted me yet but I will pull up his number and text him.” Before I could find it, a new text popped up with his estimate. He texted me as soon as I wondered about it. This mental connection makes a bit more sense with my daughter because we have been connected since her birth. The landscape service guy and I have no ongoing relationship except my current need for service. In fact, I have never met him.

What if the Universe is a mirror, truly existing outside our beliefs of time and space? It can be everywhere all the time. It has no limitation because it is everything. The only limit it has then, would be the ones we place upon it. When interacting with this mirror in our ongoing interaction, the mirror just keeps reflecting back our own reflection. In other words, it instantly picks up the thoughts and intentions we have and reflects them back. Look at your life and know who you are.

As you may have noticed, the world often seems very distraught. What if the hatred and lack we see in the world is a reflection of our own hatred and lack?   Now you can see that we are returning again to our blog topic of 2018 – the study of compassion.

What is compassion and how can the mirror aid us in our desire to learn compassion? Compassion literally implies suffering together with the desire to alleviate suffering. Since nothing is separate, all suffering is already together. The mind in its ability to separate reality, in its belief in time and space can easily put suffering of others away from itself and refuse to believe that it is suffering together. The mind creates a wall around itself and says it is not suffering when others are suffering because it is not that.

In The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking and A Course in Miracles a connected reality reveals itself that you can find by looking into the world and realizing you are all that.

Think about a mirror. It reflects your self back at you. However, the mind is so strong that it can literally miss the reflection you think you see. For example, you look at a flaw on your nose and miss the whole face.

The same is true of the whole world. You look at what you think you see and miss the whole world. Your mind can easily convince you that you are not suffering together with everyone suffering in the world. The mind lives in a self-created consciousness of illusion and keeps itself isolated in its separation. This belief is delusional and lacks the ability to be truly compassionate as long as it thinks it is above or separate from the suffering.

To have compassion and to be compassionate requires that you use energy in such a way to put forth the best energy possible to the mirror of your universe. This task is often not easy. It takes practice. If someone pulls out in front of you, if you feel wronged in any way, one can instantly feel tempted to put out negative energy. It happens so fast and is a misuse of our energy. In a millisecond, I can think I hate something and that hatred has arrived just like the phone calls.   Most people do not misuse energy purposely, although some do. Most people just feel that their own negativity is not that important to the whole world. But. It. Is.

Your negative energy is being added to all the negative energy in the world. It is being reflected back at you and to everyone instantly, needing no time and space to arrive. It hurts you.

Our energetic goal with compassion is to alleviate suffering. What better way to alleviate suffering than to reduce and eliminate our own, to choose to place forth a loving solution to the Universe as quickly as we can no matter what may be happening?

Remember that no matter what energy you are sending and receiving that the Universe will also be benevolent when we remember love. In other words, all my negativity that I am sending and then receiving does not change the true nature of the universe. Once you remember love and send love, the universe sends it to you. For today, watch what you are sending out to the mirror. Stop and send only love.

When I go within the silent place and look, all I ever find is love. When I feel hate and fear all I ever feel is hate and fear.   Has love disappeared from reality or have I simply decided to choose an illusion instead of love? Although I do not know, I know that love is always the best reality to shine into the mirror of existence for the world and for me since I Am the Universe. It is an easy choice. Every time I find love it is almost as if love has been waiting for me to lay down my sword of fear and hate long enough to allow love to pour into my life.

Let us make a vow today to choose love over and over to send into the Universe just in case the Universe is really a mirror.

Today’s compassion lesson and practice from <em>A Year of Living with more Compassion – 52 Quotes and Weekly Compassion Practices </em>(Edited by Richard Fields) Selection 51 (pp. 150-152) is by Roshi Marsha Linehan, Ph.D.  She chose today’s quote by His Holiness the Dalai Lams, 2008. He said, “It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.”

Let’s practice Compassion a moment longer.

Breathe in and out slowly. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth several times, relaxing more and more with every exhale. Place your attention on the center of your being, inside your true self in the center of your chest and become who you really are.

Inside this area of your chest is where you can practice finding who you really are.  This place is where you can find love waiting for you to find it. It is the area where light and peace prevails. When you imagine something or someone you hate, fear or avoid, move  your attention into peace, love and light. Say, “I Am the Light!”  Become the light and send only light into reality. As you send light out of your heart to the Universe, you become only light. You are light. You are peace. You are love. Breathe and remember love.

Nest week, we begin the Toltec lessons for the rest of the year.