Love & Light Blog by Diane Donovan-Vaughn 2/2/2019

Close your eyes and connect to your energy.  Every day, all the time, energy is the solution and the problem of life. Imagine for a minute waking up in a good mood.  Energy is good and everything goes smoothly according to some mentally conceived idea of what perfect would be.

All along energy is everywhere, mostly unnoticed. Energy is everything and everywhere but who is noticing?  Energy healers and shamans notice energy while working or even all the time but most people remain constantly unaware of energy.

The times when humans become aware of energy are usually when someone with so-called bad energy appears.  In other words, energy stays in the background of awareness until something or someone creates a reaction or survival response. 

Different people have various reactions to energy. The Autistic person feels more of the energy from other humans than someone very laid back and possibly even very shielded to the energy of others, either on purpose or naturally.  However, everyone has a survival system that pumps more or less survival hormones, UNCONSCIOUSLY, over the state of energy it encounters.

With stress reduction training, the goal is actually to become aware of all the chemicals pumping all day over the multiple energies in the world. Although one cannot stop the unconscious, meaning before awareness by your mind, pumping of stress hormones, one can learn to be aware that it has happened.  The faster one is aware of these survival hormones, the faster one can consciously assess the need for them.  Most of the time, they are not needed but whatever pumps them is said to stress us out.

The very first step when stress hormones are present is to assess the true danger. The next quick step is to take a nice long breathe with a really long relaxing exhale. As long as true danger is not present, deep breathing is a good idea. Why breathing? When the body reacts, it redirects oxygen and blood flow from the big frontal lobe that is the adult decision maker and directs it to the arms and legs, making the chest tight ensuring fight or flight.   With one deep breath, the frontal lobe begins to recover.  The next step is to relax the muscles and imagine being at the beach relaxing.  This step redirects blood flow to the brain since no running away or fighting is necessary now.

At this point, the body is still full of chemicals, which can create trembling, shaking and voice cracking as the body uses these movements to burn off the chemicals.  These are a good signs.  Exercising and cleaning house uses them as well. 

The next step I suggest and use is to tell my body, “You do not need adrenaline” for this situation. Then a nice deep relaxing exhale occurs.  An automatic sighing exhale indicates surrender. Even though I may not need them, the fact remains that my body thought I did and looking at the energy around me will give me a heads up about who, what, where and when I need to be around this energy.  Now, the topic of boundaries and who I really am arrives along with treating myself as the love of my life. Limiting stress in life is a personal decision that can improve and extend life.

You are energy and you are not separate from all the energy that exists.  Being in an ocean of energy is a good way to visualize it.  Encountering the energy of love is comforting. Encountering the energy of fear is stressful. 

Remember that what you give you receive.  When I give out love, love returns.  When I give out fear, fear returns.  Fear pumps those stress hormones.

The solution for either internal or external fear energy is to find love energy again. This task as you can see may take a few minutes to assess the danger, breathe, relax the body, and to remind the body it does not need this fear and another deep exhale happens on its own.  At this point, send love and goodwill to the fearful, hateful or angry energy.

The energy given out is the energy given back and energy given to you, you feel almost compelled to give back. If the energy that is given to you is fear/hate/anger, you can choose not to give it back as soon as you relax.  It could take a second or hours, depending on the strength of the fear.

Almost everyone would like complete control over life.  Offering love in all situations is the control you are seeking because this grand, love energy is magnetizing love in your direction the minute you begin to send it.  You do not have to take my word for this law of the universe.  Practice it and see what happens.  Find out the miracles you have been missing and then if you are like me, let go of the regret for not having learned how to love sooner. For example, when I send my son the mental thought, “I love you and you love me” all his angst, anger and fear melts.  I am so sorry for matching his angst, anger and fear for so long when love was the only true solution.  Love is the only true solution to all angst.

Imagine now being able to be in charge of energy.  You already are. Now choose which energy feels better.  Is it love or fear?  Choose to find love even in the face of the most tempting fearful realities and send me a text when the miracle reveals itself to you.  Your vibration determines who will and who will not be able to around your energy.  Choose love and see what happens. Choose love in the face of all the mirrors in the universe and life will send more and more and more love back.

Today the daily meditation from Living a Life of Awareness – Meditations on the TOLTEC Path by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is titled “Surrender” (page 26).

Ruiz said, “ In the Dream of the Planet, the word “surrender” has a negative connotation. It is often thought of as a weakness or deficiency, the final act of a “loser.” But in my dream, surrender has the opposite meaning.

Surrender is the art of letting go, of giving up the ideas of what “should” and ‘should not’ be. It is no longer fighting the rain.

But to surrender does not mean you become a doormat. In surrendering, you’re not going to start allowing others to walk all over you. Your intent, your yes and your no, is still strong. Rather, to surrender means that as you move through life, you change the things you can and don’t worry about the things you can’t.

Ruiz practice: “Have you surrendered today? With awareness, say to yourself: I am no longer attached to the outcome of any situation, because life knows better than me.” Embrace things as they are, not as you think they ‘should’ be.”

Let’s practice one more time:  Take a deep relaxing breath.  Notice your body. Is it tense or relaxed?  Especially notice your chest.  Relax your body and chest as you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.  Remember a situation or person that triggered you, that created fear or anger.  Notice your body and breathing as you remember.  Once again, relax you body and chest as you breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth.  You might notice that the mind offers a few beliefs about the situation.  The mind is most likely lying and underneath these statements are time honored beliefs about expectations or judgments.  Relax and tell your mind and body that you really do not need any survival hormones right now because right now you are safe, allowing the long sighing exhale to escape as your nervous system stands down, relaxing the whole center of your being.  Now, if you feel ready, send love and goodwill to whatever made you think you needed to engage in the fear, no matter how believable it was.

Breathe in love. Exhale love.